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I have just returned from a 3 week trip to Indonesia and wanted to share some of my observations related to real estate. Bali and its island gods are one of the most popular destinations in the world for tourists and locals alike. I will refresh the properties bought by foreigners in this country on 17,508 islands.

With 260 million inhabitants, Indonesia is located in Southeast Asia and there are more than 1,000 islands in the region with a total of 17,508 islands. Gading Serpong, located on Bali Island, one of Indonesia's most popular tourist destinations, enjoys a strategic location due to its proximity to major tourist centers Jakarta and Sumatra.

The property is located in Bali, in the heart of the city of Gading Serpong, one of Indonesia's most popular tourist destinations. The country is also close to a number of major tourist attractions, including the Grand Hotel, Gaded Hotel and Jokowi Hotel.

Indonesia is a paradise island, scattered around the equator, offering a tropical escape from everyday life. This luxury Bali property was the first property owned by a well-known Hollywood film director and his wife, who wanted to build an exceptional traditional house in the heart of the city of Gading Serpong, one of Indonesia's most popular tourist destinations.

Indonesia is the fourth most populous nation in the world and there are many areas where you can buy real estate. Land for a home in Jakarta can be purchased for as little as IDR2 billion, while eligible properties from Bali to Yogyakarta cost up to IDR2 billion for as little as IDR2 billion. Likewise, in Indonesia's capital Jakarta, you can own a property with a title for less than $3 billion.

This apartment in East Jakarta offers a title apartment for only 1.5 million IDR ($1.5 million) and a price tag of up to 3 billion IDR. This apartment is offered in Bali, west Jakarta, with an average price of 2.4 billion IDRs and an income tax rate of 1% (about $0.05).

Serpong has seen a rapid rise in land prices in recent years, with an average price of 2.5 billion IDR (about $1.6 million).

This suggests that many more houses, apartments and condominiums will be built to meet future demand, and that investors will invest in high-quality real estate in Indonesia's most popular tourist destinations. This is one of the most expensive areas in the country with an average price of 2.5 billion IDR (about $1.6 million) and offers investors the opportunity to own a private island or beachfront retreat overlooking the Java Sea or Pacific Ocean. By looking at private islands and beach retreats, we can help you discover the best properties across Indonesia that really suit your needs.

Although several factors have slowed growth over the past two years, Indonesia's residential real estate sector remains attractive. Paramount Land launched its first real estate development in Jakarta in 2015, and several other real estate and township developments by several renowned Indonesian companies have made their way onto the market. Since the real estate sector is one of the most lucrative companies inIndonesia, it is a great time to invest in it, especially in the real estate sector.

In November 2018, the Indonesian Real Estate Association (REI) in collaboration with the government published a guide for foreigners looking for property in Indonesia. By introducing a deregulation programme in 2015, Indonesia has truly opened its doors to foreign companies and residents, "said the association's Chairman, Dr K.S. Muhyiddin, in a statement. In part to boost real estate demand, it has raised the threshold for the luxury property tax, lowered key interest rates, increased credit / value ratios, eased restrictions on individual foreign ownership, and provided tax incentives to both governments and Indonesia's REI.

Offshore assets that have been relocated must remain in the country for three years and invest in Indonesia through a defined instrument. The amendment of the Articles of Association of the Association and the increase of issued and paid-in capital is required to transfer assets such as real estate, shares, bonds and other assets. It provides that the paid-in capital of a PMA company, which is the general capital requirement for an Indonesian company, shall not exceed 2.5% of total assets and not less than 10% of all assets under management.

As mentioned above, foreign companies that have more than 10% of their assets in Indonesia may be subject to restrictions on foreign investment. Indonesian companies that are under the foreign ownership ceiling in them can be subject to restrictions on foreign investment, as can other companies.

To circumvent restrictions on foreign investment, foreign investors sometimes resort to investment structures that include shares of Indonesian individuals or companies on behalf of foreign shareholders. In order to do business in Indonesia, a foreign entity or individual may acquire shares of a known foreigner in a company operating in the real estate sector. The company must obtain a licence to own shares from a foreigner in order to operate in the real estate sector, although this licence cannot generally be transferred under Indonesian law.

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